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The TMD🍍 Luxury Services


TMD🍍’s Fast Growth Club For Startup Founders

You joined an awesome startup, but it is growing faster than you ever expected and now your boss wants you to learn this crazy new thing called growth hacking!

Don’t worry. We have helped plenty of startup rookies to grow their startups by more than 4000% in less than 9 weeks. Imagine what you could achieve in 45weeks?!?!

April 17th 2019, TMD🍍will open its virtual doors to 300 startups, giving them access to the same resources offered to the clients of our luxury services, in a group setting.

F3 stands for: the Fast growth club For startup Founders

F3 presents an entirely new way of learning everything you need to launch and grow your (boss’s) startup. Many startups fail because they fall victim to bad information. If you are ready to learn how to land big clients, get massive amounts of traffic and gain followers, here is your opportunity to make a HUGE impact on your startup’s growth!

We have designed a new, fun and effortless way for you to learn how to get a strong start in your new growth hacking role today!

As soon as you complete the enrollment process, you will gain access to the F3 portal. From here, you may join the F3 slack channel, download new FREE resources and book your favorite times for all 45 of the group advisory calls. Please note that the groups are restricted to 90 participants each and slots are given on a “first come, first served” basis.

How else does TMD🍍 help me grow?

We highly encourage all participants to keep a journal documenting their experience, because at the end of the year, you will be invited to submit your startup’s case study to be featured either:

  • on the website
  • on our social media pages
  • in our next book
  • OR all of the above.

Case studies are an incredible (and FREE) way to build brand awareness and customer loyalty very quickly.

Throughout the 45 advisory sessions you will learn:

  • How to acquire your first 10, 100 & 1000 customers for FREE
  • How to develop your brand
  • How to design your: websites, UX, UI, investor pitch decks and reports
  • You’ll get a crash course in data analytics (this will cover: installation, integration & automatic report generation)
  • You’ll learn how to use the top social media optimization strategies used by the highest paid growth hackers and marketers around the world!
  • Pricing strategy optimization
  • Strategic social media engagement
  • Niche forum participation
  • Market research
  • Customer acquisition, retention & engagement (including more than 50 different ways to acquire new customers for FREE!)
  • Fresh monetization strategies
  • How to conduct a successful beta launch
  • How to identify and develop new revenue streams
  • How to design internal processes to effortlessly scale
  • How to go-to-market like a growth hacker
  • How to identify and nurture strategic partnerships
  • How to hire, motivate and lead new employees
  • How to automate the “boring stuff”
  • & MORE



**The F3 access pass will increases to $15,000 December 15th**

The Freshest Growth Hacks

Do you want to know the secret strategies used by the most successful growth hackers around the globe?

Would you pay $500 per month to be kept up to date on the latest growth hacks as soon as they launch? (step by step instructions included) – for the sake of quality control only 20 people will be granted access to this community.

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