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In 2017 Jeff Boman, was a Silicon Valley based Python developer and the CEO of GaltGrid when he reached out to Adi Soozin to ask if she’d be interested in opening a new company. The arrangement was simple, Jeff would manage high-tech development and customers, while Adi would develop the clients’ growth strategies, growth marketing (aka growth hacking) and MD9’s team development.

In the spring of 2017 MD9 was born under the name The Million Dollar Pineapple. The company started with the pair working around the clock to meet client needs. However, as time progressed the growing client demands forced them to expand their team.

In 2018 Jeff dropped to an intermittent advisor role, taking a full time position with a startup that required significantly less travel. As a travel addict Adi didn’t mind spending roughly 7 months per year traveling around the US, EU & LatAm to work on various client projects.

Within two years of opening the doors Adi grew MD9 to a team of more than 50 contractors & freelancers located around the world (as far west as India and as far east as Israel).

Adi is at the forefront of every growth plan because she knows from personal experience, what it takes to build a company out of nothing.


Adi recently agreed to do an interview with an Entrepreneur in Residence from WeWork Labs. The interview took roughly one hour and answered dozens of questions about Adi’s professional background and the origin of MD9. Below you will find the segments we believed to be the most relevant to MD9’s about page. To view the full-length interview go to https://AdiPineapple.com/about.



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