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Gain access to TMDP’s Entrepreneurship Business Development Program

How does it work?

We partner with highly motivated individuals and teams that want to make a nice commission while they learn.



1 Apply

Our unique company culture is the foundation of our success. Each applicant must verify that they understand and share our values.

2 Training

Once accepted, you will have the opportunity to grow as quickly as you desire. In order to unlock the next level of startup resources, trainings and rewards simply promote TMDP to your circle of founder friends.

3 Self-Funding

For each new startup founder relationship that you create, manage and mediate on behalf of TMDP, you’ll earn a commission. You earn direct commissions on all TMDP services purchased by the clients you manage.

4 Leadership Bonuses

If you choose to recruit and grow a 90×9 team. Each time one of your team members closes a deal, we assume it is because of your great leadership. Therefore, you’ll get a bonus on each sale closed by your downline organization, for up to 6 levels!


Is it time for you to enter the world of infinite opportunities?

Have you ever had to pass on an incredible opportunity because you couldn’t afford it?

Most people live paycheck to paycheck, while a highly profitable business opportunity sits right in front of them!


It is time to start living the life you’ve dreamed of.

Growth Hacking to one million dollars