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What is 90×9?


Winn1 is a 10 week growth plan designed to guide you through 10 modules of growing your idea (or hobby) into a profitable business.

*Each person’s modules are tailored to work with the size, age and current stage of their company / idea / hobby


Your admission into the Winn1 program includes 10 hours of video call time with our founder, Adi.

Our most successful startups have used one hour each week to discuss their customized growth goals and plans.


After each call you will receive: (1) an audio and screen recording of the call, along with (2) a booklet that contains instructions and resources to help you complete the next module in your growth plan.

Most people live paycheck to paycheck, while a million dollar business idea collects dust in a notebook on their shelf!

Are you one of them?



We start with a one hour video call.


You then receive a WeTransfer file containing the screen & audio recording from our call (so you can replay it as many times as you want!)


A few days later, a member of the Winn1 team sends you a step-by-step booklet which outlines the next steps of your customized growth plan (along with links to resources and instructions to help you complete each phase).


After the first call, some are invited to dive-in and commit to the 10 week program. Others, are directed to our concierge team to join another program that is better suited to meet their growth goals and needs.


In our industry, credibility is EVERYTHING. If we take you on as a Winn1 participant and you fail, that kills our reputation. For this reason, only a few are invited to participate in the Winn1 program.


Those who make it are invited to join our online community, where you can chat and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs.

What’s the story behind 90×9?

In 2014 Adi, our founder, started working with a single mother of 3 to turn her passion and knowledge into a profitable business.  In 2017 her 3-year-old company brought in more than $52,000,000 in annual sales!


A note from our founder:


I think that pineapples🍍 are a lot like startup ideas. Everyone has had at least one in their life, but few know how to grow their idea into a profitable business📈!  If you buy a pineapple 🍍 from the grocery store, bring it home and plant it, in less than 10 years one pineapple can transform into an orchard that could make you millions!!


BUT how many people do you know, making millions selling pineapples 🍍?? Not many.  The same goes for startups. Everyone has had at least one idea for a startup that could be worth millions of dollars 💸! BUT few know how to grow📈their idea into a million dollar company. So instead they live paycheck to paycheck ☠.


ARE YOU READY to launch and grow your business?

It all starts with a one hour video call 📞.