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The 3 tools I live by

Disclaimer: This post is launching unedited, because I have a few friends spending their holidays preparing to launch their own businesses & I wanted them to have this info before they waste money on rookie mistakes.

Other disclaimer: I’m an affiliate of one of the tools mentioned below.

If you want to see what one friend is working on check out http://www.boxscorefitness.com/

Envato Elements.

WHY do I love it?

I used to use Pixabay for photos and videos, theme forest for WordPress themes and countless other sites for purchasing icons, b-roll video, WordPress plugins & more. Then I heard about the unlimited license at Envato Elements. What I would usually spend in a week, on all of the aforementioned assets, I now spend once per year on an unlimited license at Envato Elements.

Do you need it?

I recommend this to every friend and family member who decides to launch their own venture. If you are going to do anything with video, social media, photos, presentations, proposals or WordPress, this will cover all of your professional needs for the first year and it’s less than $300.

Does it really make a difference? Yes. When you are trying to cut through the noise of 1000 other startup launches you must appear remarkable, this includes your appearance.


WHY do I love it?

Imagine Calendly, with all of the luxuries of a Mercedes Benz. That is 10to8. It has all of the bells and whistles of a $1000 booking service, for $12 a month. Yes, we live and breathe by it. 

Do you need it?

 I recommend this to founders who are rolling out a product or service that requires people to schedule calls with them. In the early days, free time is not something you have a lot of. If someone schedules a call with you, you want them to show up!

Even the most basic version includes text and email reminders leading up to the call. Since switching to 10to8 we have only had 1, yes 1 “no-show” in 3 months!


WHY do I love it?

There is nothing worse than paying full price when you’re a bootstrapped business. AppSumo gives you access to apps, services and tools that range from $700 – $4000 for $49 via their fire sale platform. Subscribe here to start getting notifications about their next fire sale.

Do you need it?

This one isn’t an unlimited license it is a flash sale page that features up and coming apps, tools and services that help startups and small businesses to compete in the big leagues. Subscribe here to start getting notifications about their next fire sale.

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