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The 6 step process to land more cold leads on LinkedIn

Cold leads on LinkedIn

Hey All,
A while ago I began testing difference processes for capturing & converting cold leads identified on LinkedIn, after quite a bit of testing I’ve nailed it down to this simple 6 step process #feelLoved ~Adi 


Day 1 –
View the person’s LinkedIn profile (so they get a notification that you’ve viewed it).


Day 2 –
Invite them to connect on LinkedIn with a customized message.


Day 3 –
After they accept your connection, send them a message (3-5 sentences max) about why you wanted to connect & share a link to your scheduling page for them to schedule a call with you. (I suggest 10to8.com, click HERE for a free 31 day trial).


Day 4 –
If the person you’re trying to reach has not yet booked a slot on your calendar / responded to your message, send them a quick message asking how they are and if they’ve found a time they’re free to speak.


Day 10 –

If they did not respond by Day 5, set a reminder in your calendar to view their profile on LinkedIn next week (this is equivalent to a polite nudge on the platform).


Day 30 –

If you still have not heard anything, circle back the next month with a friendly message saying something like “Hey, I hope all is well with you and your business, I just wanted to drop a line to see if you have time to speak about XYZ this week or next week? Warm regards, ABC”

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  1. Just like that? You’re going to hand over your strategy just like that? Whoa. Thanks Adi

      1. I remember reading somewhere that you copy Reid Hoffman’s strategy and send 1000 free copies of an unedited version before you roll out the paid version. If you write one on your LinkedIn Growth Hacking strategies, I’d love to be added to that list.

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