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In the case of an emergency,  how quickly could a consultant be in our office? Depending on the time of year, we can have a consultant on a plane within 4-48 hours.

How do you decide which projects to take on? Within 24 hours of the initial meeting, Adi will either come up with 10 ideas for how our team can help you, or point you to a more suitable team.

Which industries do you work with? We used to focus on a just a few industries, but then two good family friends wanted to launch businesses in sectors that I’d never worked in before. I told them that I was grossly unqualified and both founders said they didn’t care because they’d rather work with a fast growth team they could trust, than another “qualified” one that turned out to provide horrific results.  We made a deal to work together until their businesses stopped growing.  One hit $114,000,000 in total sales at the end of 2017, the other reached $52,000,000 in annual sales July of this year. 

So we’ve changed our tune to say that for the most part, we are industry agnostic. But if I’m not confident in this team’s ability to grow your startup quickly, we will tell you within 10 minutes – 24 hours.

How do you do what you do? Each company is unique, so is the way in which we help them to rapidly grow. 

What makes The Million Dollar Pineapple unique? When meeting with clients, I am very very rarely the smartest person in the room.  It is not uncommon for me to find myself sitting across the desk from a high profile executive (twice my age), ONLY because he has loads of experience in something other than successfully growing startups rapidly.

We do not claim to know everything about the startup world, just everything that is necessary to rapidly grow your startup.

What if I want to use my own …? Our ExecutionTeam Supplement and A La Carte Service Offerings are designed to provide you with “an extension of the in-house team”. Our ultimate goal is to help your company scale quickly. Whatever you do, or do not need from us, to help you get there, is entirely up to you. If you do not need one of our professionals to work on your project, that’s fine. If you end up needing that professional later on, just snap your fingers and we will bring them in. 

How do projects end up on my LinkedIn? Most of our clients are CMOs, CTOs, CSOs and CPOs who like to use us as the secret sauce behind their personal success in the professional world.  We will go to our graves with the knowledge that we helped their resumes look incredible, because we love working for them and do not care about who receives the credit.  OTHER CLIENTS, however, prefer to leverage my connections to gain traction in specific niches. If you’re interested in this, we can change my LinkedIn to proclaim that I am the Senior Growth Hacker, Rapid Growth Advisor or Fast Growth Executive at your company for up to 6 months.

Why do many growth hackers attribute their success to Pods, SEO & PPC? This is how a growth hacker’s says “I plead the 5th.”

Why do your team members not have The Million Dollar Pineapple listed on their LinkedIn profiles? Are our team members incredible at what they do? Yes. Will our Facebook Ads Guru tell you that you do not need Facebook Ads when he knows this is the only way he’ll get to work on your project? No.

When startup founders used LinkedIn to identify and approach the wrong team members, based upon a strategy they read on a random blog, they hired the wrong team members to work on the wrong growth strategy. This resulted in horrific growth results for the startups and horrific press for our brand. To protect The Million Dollar Pineapple’s reputation, we had everyone except for Adi & Jeff remove TMDP from their LinkedIn profiles.  If interested, you may find our executive team members listed on our website.

How do I get Adi to be my Advisor / On-Location consultant?

I personally design the high level strategy for each new client. From here it is given to the project manager who manages all of the independent contractors assigned to work on that client’s project.

Getting on the schedule: Three months prior to the start of the new fiscal quarter, we open the calendar up, for one week, for loyal clients to book their appointments and visits. The following week, we open the calendar up to new clients. For the sake of quality, I personally only take:

  • 8 new client accounts per month
  • 7 days of the On Location reservations
  • and a maximum of 4 advisory calls per day.

Everything booked after this, is passed onto other fast growth consultants within the team.

What is growth hacking and how do I get started? 

We now have a topic page on Quora! Ask your questions here

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  1. I think what makes you guys unique is your dedication to your clients. I don’t know many growth hackers who make the same sacrifices for their clients. You really do go the extra mile with our projects.

  2. I feel like this is for the clients of your luxury services. Have you thought of making a separate website for us “commoners” aka a class for those on your “self-guided” course?

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