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Do not just “write what you know” 🙄

The most common advice you hear for new bloggers is “Write what you know”, “Write wherever the pen takes you”

Much better advice for successful blog-marketing:

  1. People need to buy you as a person before they’ll buy anything you are trying to sell them
  2. People don’t care about your opinions, until you’ve established your credibility.

A blog and morning pages are not synonymous. Neither is a blog and long-form sales pitch.

If your goal of writing a blog is to push people to make a purchase, you need to give before you can take. You need to practice reciprocity. Knowledge is the most valuable currency on the planet. When you offer people REAL and RELEVANT information, they are prompted to “return the favor” and make a purchase.

  1. Create a persona of someone that you know will love & purchase your product.
  2. Write posts that they will find useful, informative & valuable.  Do not write post after post about your why your product is the best. That’s not a blog that people will subscribe to, so you’ll just be wasting time that you can’t afford to waste.

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