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Which number do you put on the business cards?

Before the era of 2-step-verification, a cell phone number was just a cell phone number.

Fast-forward to 2018. Today, a cell phone number takes the place of your social security number under most company filing systems AND your cell phone is used to verify your identity when logging on to access sensitive accounts.

If you cannot afford company phones for yourself and your employees, at the very least, get each employee (INCLUDING YOURSELF) a google voice account.


What happens if I don’t?


A few months ago, I was working with a company under their label (my company offers white label services for other digital marketing agencies, on occasion).  This particular company placed my personal cell phone number on the business cards.  Guess how many people I handed my business card out to? Less than 10.  When we finished the project I burned the rest.  Who wants their 21st century SSN floating around?


Let’s look at another example: A few years ago I was working (white label) on a project for a large tech company that wanted me to do some on-site consulting work under their brand.  I wore their branded shirt, backpack, had a burner phone and company business cards with my name and their logo on it.  They gave me a burner phone to use for any client calls I’d need to make & they printed that burner phone’s number on the business cards.  They’d ambitiously printed off over 1,000 business cards for me.  So when I finished the project, I left the business cards in every restaurant, airport and coffee shop I passed.  They ended up getting a ton of (almost free) advertising by making this two second decision to protect my identity & my personal phone number.

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  1. There are so many tiny nuances that I never would have thought of. How did you learn all of these little tricks?

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