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GUEST POST: Have you optimized your FB Ad Columns?


When you are running conversion campaigns, the default views in ads manager are terrible.

If you are REALLY trying to see your customer journey and find out where they drop off and at what rate, you need to customize the columns.

I know this may sound like an obvious thing for many of you, but at my agency, onboarding new clients and new students in my FB ads course it’s something I see ALL THE TIME with ecomerce companies.

I’m talking companies making tens of thousands of dollars on FB ads, STILL .. USE .. DEFAULT columns in ads manager.

Without this custom setup, you cannot tell where problems are in your funnel so you won’t be able to address them.

Tons of ecom stores just assume it’s either their creative, or price. This is often FALSE.

Setting up custom columns allows you to identify exactly WHERE you are losing your customers after that simple ‘click’.

You literally miss 90% of the ‘story’ that is to be told here.


Let’s set up your columns. There are many ways to do this that can show you very specific metrics, but the one I instruct ecom stores to use for simple conversion ‘purchase view’ is the following:

1. Click Campaigns, Ad Sets or Ads.

2. Click the Columns drop-down and then select Customize Columns.

**Type in the search bar for items not already listed

Arrange them in this order:

Cost Per Result
Click Through Rate
Link Clicks
Landing Page Views
Cost Per LPV
Add to Cart
Cost Per ATC
Cost Per Purchase
Website Purchases Conversion Value
Website Purchase ROAS

** MAKE SURE YOU CHECK SAVE AS A PRESET, and then hit apply**

–> I name it ‘Purchase View”

This will allow you to view your ecom store’s funnel fully. If you like, you can also add in Initiate Checkout, Add Payment info as well, but this view will get you started and also help anyone that goes into the account to see your past performance ??


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