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How remote should you go?

I’ve worked remote for A LOT of startups.  The ones that flew me in for 3-day meetings once per month, turned 4 zeros(10,000) into six (1,000,000) their first year .  The companies that didn’t, did not exist three years later.


If your employees are all remote, schedule a quarterly retreat.  If the majority of your employees work in one location, you should have outside consultants on-site AT LEAST 3-4 days each month.




  1. The best ideas are born over lunch & happy hour. If you hired a remote consultant they’re probably the best in their field, so you’ll logically want them there for the organic brain storming that happens during those lunches and happy hours.
  2. “The highest performing teams bond outside of the board room” Meaning? The highest performing startup teams are composed of people who are friends outside of work.  If you have remote employees, each time they come into town, schedule a leadership training ropes course or other outdoor activity to facilitate bonding on an organic level.  This type of experience is what creates bonds that push people to perform far better than they would under a boss who is constantly stressing them out and threatening to fire them.
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