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How to rip all of the emails from a JSON file using Terminal

This is posted here for people who want to use terminal to rip the emails from a JSON file.


Why would you want to do this? If you have your company chat support integrated with your slack channel, you can export your slack files as JSONs then bulk rip the emails once per week to invite these people to an online community once your create one for your brand.  If all of this sounds like gibberish hit the back button and exit the tech section of this blog.

  1. Open up terminal
  2. type in the following



cd Downloads/                  or wherever you put the file


cd TMDP \ Slack\ export\ Aug\ 8\ 2018                       or whatever you set as the file name


cd chatsupport/                         or whatever you set as the file name

grep -o ‘[[:alnum:]+\.\_\-]*@[[:alnum:]+\.\_\-]*’ file name.json | sort | uniq -i


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