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How to start selling your product

If you have a product that some of your friends might like, getting started is easy.

  1. Make it easy for them to buy through a large platform that they most likely already have their payment information and address saved to.  Yes, they take a high commission, but you don’t want to invest $8000 in a state of the art website, data tracking and the top marketing tools, before you’ve at least made a few sales to verify that people want to buy your product.
  2. After you have a few products up on the platform, it is time to let people know about them.  Once a week (preferably Mondays or Tuesdays, as those are the days that people make the largest purchasing decisions online) post a picture of one of your products to each of your social media profiles with a link to where people can purchase the product through a large website (amazon or etsy). After you’ve done this consistently for 12-16 weeks, friends should begin to share your products with their friends.
  3. If after 16 weeks, you haven’t made a single sale it might be time to re-evaluate your pricing strategy or product’s branding.


KEEP IN MIND that “haters will hate”. So do not get discouraged when a few of your friends criticize or snap at you. Your true friends will praise you in public and critique you in private, they’ll tell you everything that you’re doing right in public and give you suggestions on how to improve, when you’re one on one.

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