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5 rules for creating a high converting website

Have you ever made a purchase online that was almost hypnotic?

You go to the website and before you know it, you’re staring at a “paid” confirmation page wondering how your brain flew through that purchase on auto-pilot. That is what exquisite UX / UI design does to a website user when it is optimized for conversions.

Optimizing a website for conversions is quite possibly one of my favorite things to do. Why? Because when it is done right, clients see a boost in revenue upwards of 4000% in less than 3 months!


What do I look for when I first sit down to audit a website?

  1. Buttons. Are the ones you want people to click, the brightest and most eye catching element on the page?
  2. Flows. Does your funnel make it effortless for people to go from the landing page all the way through to the confirmation payment page?
  3. Social Proof. Do you mention how many clients you’ve successfully helped, or how many products you’ve sold? **This one could be tricky depending on your product offering (ex: We used to have a testimonial section on the TMDP website, we had to take it down. Obnoxious people took this section as an invitation to target past clients and interrogate them in an attempt to copy what my team did to grow their company. We love our clients, prioritize their happiness and do everything we can to protect their company secrets, so we had to forfeit the competitive advantages tied to this powerful webpage element in order to protect them.)
  4. Font formatting. Websites are not supposed to be designed for reading, they’re designed for skimming. How do you make your website easy for people to skim? Choose a distinct font for each of the following categories: (1) Section headers (2) sub-headers (3) everything else.
  5. Contrast. If you’re going to list prices on your page, be sure to list prices exponentially higher than the cost of the product that you want people to actually buy.¬† If you want people to choose your most high ticketed item, be sure to list exponentially more features under it.
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