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Where to start?

Most people think that they need to start with a website. This is wrong and an expensive mistake. A good website that you can sell your products through, and integrate data collection into, costs a minimum of $5,000 to build and secure. Anyone who tells you differently, is either selling you snake oil or going to smack you with a ton of hidden fees later (ex: they’ll make you a custom site that breaks if you don’t pay for an over-priced update every few months).

The first place you should begin, is on someone else’s website.  If you have artwork or other home made goods, post them to Etsy. If you have photographs to sell, skim this list of 5 online platforms where you can get paid to sell them.

If you are looking to sell advice or a service, there are too many niche options for me to write on this topic, so feel free to schedule a call so we can come up with your first steps.

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