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The birth of Winn1

I chased my daughter into the art studio of my childhood best friend’s mom. Scooping her up, a few paintings caught my eye and I walked over to take a closer look.  “You painted these?!?” I asked, shocked that the artistic masterpieces were stacked like they belonged in Goodwill’s discarded art section. “Well yea.” she answered humbly. My friend’s mom was one of the most talented and freakishly underrated artists I knew.  “Why don’t you sell any of them?” I asked, surprised that they weren’t already on display in some art gallery in a snobby corner of Manhattan.  “I don’t know how.” she answered. “I do….” I responded half-dazed as I stared in awe at the gorgeous blend of colors spread across one canvas.

…my friend’s mom is not the first, and most certainly not the last, obscenely talented person who is unwittingly sitting on a pile of metaphorical gold.

While tech startups are the bread and butter that keep a roof over our head & my daughter’s school tuition paid for, talented solopreneurs were (and forever are) my first love. I decided that it was time to start something, something that I could brand and grow into a concrete example for brilliant and talented people to follow.

If you want to compare and contrast a few:

90×9 is professionally branded, targeting the exclusive & well funded (and bootstrapped) tech industry.  All of the marketing material is made by professional graphic designers and printing companies. The 90×9 bumper stickers are only displayed on luxury cars and the logo is only printed on high end clothing.

Chloe’s Tech is TMDP’s proprietary intellectual property, a growth program named after a recently deceased relative, it is offered to current and past clients by invitation only. All company swag is custom made and custom designed for those who go through the program.

Winn1 could be called my side-hustle / hobby. I only work on it during non-biz hours, and I personally make all of the marketing materials.  I’ve intentionally designed a lot of the company swag and bumper stickers using cheap materials to prove that you don’t need $100,000 to start advertising for your own business. As of now, I do not purchase any ad space for Winn1, as the goal is to show you how easy it can be to spread the word about your business.

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