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Molo9.com is the black box behind some of MD9’s fastest growing startups & is now available on a subscription basis.

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The Million Dollar Pineapple


In 2017 Jeff Boman, was a Silicon Valley based Python developer and the CEO of GaltGrid when he reached out to Adi Soozin to ask if she’d be interested in opening a new company. The arrangement was simple, Jeff would manage high-tech development and customers, while Adi would develop the clients’ growth strategies, growth marketing (aka growth hacking) and The Million Dollar Pineapple’s team development.

In the spring of 2017 The Million Dollar Pineapple was created. The company started with the pair working around the clock to meet client needs. However, as time progressed the growing client demands forced them to expand their team.

In 2018 the company’s servers were targeted by a hacker. They were faced with a decision to close shop or tighten their cyber security. Adi packed 4 laptops and took a flight to Israel to learn from a few of the world’s best cyber security specialists. Jeff dropped to an intermittent advisor role, taking a full time position with a startup.

After the company servers were back up and running, Adi went into high gear traveling 5-7 months per year to work with clients in the US, EU & LatAm.

Within three years of opening the metaphorical doors Adi grew The Million Dollar Pineapple to four brand lines powered by a team of more than 50 contractors & freelancers based around the world.

At AdiPineapple.com you can find many of the checklists Adi has created and uses with client projects on a regular basis.

MD9 is the Marketing Consulting Firm behind some of the fastest growing self-funded startups of the 21st century.

Molo9.com is the black box behind some of MD9’s fastest growing startups

9×90 is a conversational showcase of high performing professionals, investors, athletes and thought leaders from around the globe. Hosted by Adi of MD9.

9apple is filled with resources, guides & playbooks designed for your ambitious mind.

The Million Dollar Pineapple

We pride ourselves in the ever growing number of solutions that we are able to develop for startup founders like you.

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