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The Million Dollar Pineapple specializes in growing startups to $1,000,000 usd in revenue within two years, GUARANTEED.

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What is the secret to our success?

The Million Dollar Pineapple is composed of an elite team of the highest performing growth hackers and marketers from around the world.

They say that mastering a craft takes 10,000 hours. At The Million Dollar Pineapple we’ve been innovating and training to grow your company, for more than a decade. It’s a passion and an obsession that has lead us to work with some of the most incredible & innovative companies around the globe.

What our clients say about us

We entered a highly competitive market with a projected chance of failure at 90%. Working with Adi, we launched to #1 in our town our first year and expanded to be #10 in the county by 2018.

Bonnie Wells

Adi is consistently using new growth hacks before 99% of the population knows they exist. She leverages new developments, tools and strategies, six to eighteen months before they appear in the ‘top 5 things to know’ Medium articles written by ‘cutting-edge’ digital marketing gurus.

Asher Breverman

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